Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Khari always had a passion for telling stories and making music. Having being brought up on 90s Hip-Hop by his father and classic old school jams by his grandparents, Khari developed a knack for lyricism and soul. At age 9, he recorded his very first song and did not look back since.

While in high school, Khari released multiple mixtapes for his classmates under the name K-Balla and was highly regarded as a lyrical rapper at a very young age. Khari went on to play college basketball for 4 years and had hopes of playing professional basketball until he realized his true passion: music.

Since putting down the ball, Khari grew his following by releasing weekly freestyles to classic hip-hop songs on social media. He released his first proper mixtape on May 25, 2019, titled  "SINSINNATI". This project put Khari into local attention having being named one of the “dopest Cincinnati albums of the decade” and seeing Khari become one of the best artists in Cincinnati.

In 2019, Khari kickstarted his brand and entertainment company, BTB Entertainment, which specializes in the creation of music and film. He owes this to his late grandfather who always said those three words to him growing up. He is also part of the independent record label, BTB Records (a division of BTB Entertainment), with fellow artists - RebeL and B.AN.K.$. Khari strives to connect and inspire audiences through his creative lyrics, unique flow, and vivid story telling. 


Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, RebeL was raised by a single mother and a very inconsistent Father in her life. During her weekends RebeL would spend time with her Father’s younger Brother who RebeL credits in introducing her into music. At the age of 7 RebeL wrote her first rap and was known as “Little Jay j”. In highscool RebeL attended School of Creative and Performing Arts where she met three sisters and formed a rap singing group. Unfortunately due to the sisters moving the group disassembled and later RebeL met a girl who she became close friends (Teez) and formed a girl group called Neon.

Neon went on to be wildly popular in the city! Performing at teen events, and radio play the group managed to get offered a label deal with a new manager. Unfortunately due to different visions of the new direction of the group the ladies disassembled.

RebeL left off the music scene for about 7 years. RebeL was approached by her cousin, who made a name for himself in the music industry in the city to do a song. “Open Season” featuring Khari was released in 2018. Khari offered RebeL to join BTB Record Label from that moment on RebeL has continued to release “Oh Hi”, “ Pull Up”, and “Let em have it”. With an Album in works to be dropped sometime in 2020.


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, BANK$ used to write raps and freestyle with close friends back in high school and college but was to afraid to show it because he felt that people will judge him because of his disability. But his passion for music was always there. He became more confident as time went on an begin to tell his story through music. 

He has a powerful soulful story telling vibe with his music and that hits people in the heart when you hear it. When BANK$ joined “BTB Records” he released two projects by the name of “King Me “ & finished off 2019 strong with a powerful EP called “Royalty”. Having people in his circle whom accepted him for who he was gave him the confidence to even go harder. In 2019, he dropped two singles - “Forgive Me” & “Want It All” which tell his life story. BANK$ is currently working on new singles and projects to be released in 2020.


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